Rachel Serkownek

Rachel Serkownek is a scientist by day, Lindy hopper by night. She first discovered swing dancing seven years ago through a tiny swing club on her college campus, and she immediately fell in love with it, travelling all over the southeast to attend more workshops and exchanges. She started teaching dance in her home of Nashville, TN around three years ago, with a special focus on Lindy hop, Charleston, and solo jazz.

Rachel believes that swing dancing should, first and foremost, be fun, and she keeps a playful attitude both in class and on the dance floor. She likes to make her classes as intuitive as possible, edging people into dancing without their realizing it, then helping them fine tune their technique, before ultimately setting them free to start getting creative and making the dance their own.

Tyler Toledo

Tyler Toledo

Tyler Toledo is a graduate student at the University of Tulsa, studying pain in the clinical psychology doctoral program. When he’s not studying, you’ll find him at any of the local coffee shops or dancing lindy hop. He stumbled upon swing dancing 4 years ago at the University of Auburn Swing Dance Association, while looking for ballroom dance lessons. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the same. However, he’s been in love with Lindy Hop ever since. Although it wasn’t at all what he originally set out to learn, Lindy Hop has become a significant source of inspiration and love in his life. He taught at the Auburn Swing Dance scene and since his move, has taught at the local Tulsa scene.

Tyler believes that Lindy Hop should be whatever you make it to be. For himself, he enjoys meeting wonderfully genuine people and learning how their personality and being influences their dance. Nothing makes him smile more than seeing people connect and learn through the art of dance. Discovering who you are as a dancer to create a unique dance persona is what Tyler aspires towards in his students.


Cindiasaurus Rex and Jony Navarro

Cindy and Jony accidentally became dance official in 2015 when they started practicing solo jazz together in Cindy’s garage. Even now, solo jazz is very important to all aspects of their dancing and it always shows in their movement choices, even when sharing connection with others. They believe social and performance dancing are dependent upon strong listening and communication with their partners. Above all, they seek to create movement that expresses the joy and soulfulness of the driving force of the dance, jazz music.

Teaching has been a passion for both Jony and Cindy for some time now. Both were very active in their college and local scenes growing up and have expanded to events all over to the Southeast and Midwest. As much as they love teaching, they are first and foremost students of the dance. They are always taking classes any chance they can and put more time into practicing than most people put into an average part-time job.

Their classes will dive deep into the heart of jazz music and strong, solid movement, with an aim to get their students connecting to the music in ways they’ve never experienced before. They cordially invite you to come get weird with them.

Huy and Whitney Huynh

Huy and Whitney Huynh

Huy and Whitney are that quintessential Lindy Hop couple.  They met dancing, fell in love, and it’s been swing-outs and kick-ball-changes ever since!  Whitney is a resident instructor at Adonai School of Ballet and Fine Arts.  She’s also an accomplished classical and jazz pianist.  This offers her Lindy Hop students a unique perspective by melding classical dance techniques and musical theory that can be incorporated into their swing dancing. Huy was a resident dance instructor for Down South Swing in Atlanta, GA.  While much of his experience is linked to performance and competition, his classes focus on movement quality and dance mechanics.  Prior to meeting Whitney, Huy has been a guest instructor in numerous cities across the U.S., including Pasadena, CA; Nashville, TN; Auburn, AL; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA; Statesboro, GA; and Poughkeepsie, NY.  Over the last three years, Huy and Whitney have been teaching regularly at Thursday Night Swing in Huntsville, AL, and were even featured as guest instructors at Swing Cats in Rome, Italy.  Together, they bring over 20 years of dancing and teaching experience.

Kerry Genese

Kerry Genese

Kerry has been teaching Lindy Hop and other swing dances for eight years. She is continually delighted by the language of social dance and will talk to you for literal hours about it. She loves cereal and 30min animated comedies. She is based in New Orleans, LA and runs Crescent City Swing with some pretty cool cats. She can also be found performing around town with the NOLA Jitterbugs and The Chorus Girl Project. As a dancer and teacher, Kerry values feeling and humor. Her concentration is on improving technique, but always as a means to another end.

Tim Korkuc 2

Tim Korkuc

I’ve been dancing since 2003, I moved to Orlando and started traveling while completing my bachelors degree at UCF in 2008, and tearing my ACL in 2015 couldn’t keep me away. I know it’s short but I’d rather talk in person than write stuff down it seems.