Whether you’ve been attending swing dance functions for a while and would like to learn Lindy Hop or have never stepped foot on a dance floor, this track is for you! Our instructors will work closely with you to develop the fundamentals of Lindy Hop and help you feel comfortable and confident during a social dance.

Partner Dancing 101 | Rachel & Tyler | Foy Auditorium

Introducing the fundamentals of leading and following

Intro to Lindy Hop | Rachel & Tyler | Foy Auditorium

Getting comfy with the basics of 8 count lindy hop

Simple Swingouts | Rachel & Tyler | Foy Auditorium

Breaking down the swingout into easy peasy pieces

Mixing It Up | Rachel & Tyler | Foy Auditorium

Learn how to intermix moves of different lengths in your dance


This track is for dancers looking to expand their toolkit of moves and seek refinement in their technique and connection. Dancers must be comfortable with the following moves: 6-count basic, tuck turn, Lindy circle, swing out, and Charleston basic.

Intermediate Tiger:

Musicality Cheat Codes | Cindy & Jony | Student Center Ballroom A

Using the structure of the song to make social dancing inherently more musical

Gettin’ Weird | Cindy & Jony | Student Center Ballroom A

Inspiring playfulness in social dancing

Fast Lindy Hop | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom A

Don’t be intimidated when the music gets fast.  We’ll show you tips and tricks to make even the fastest songs comfortable and fun to dance to.

Tiger Pause | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom A

Learn how to use pauses and holds while creating stretch to add fun dynamics to your dancing.  This form of tension and relaxation in our frames can be used as a vehicle for musicality.

Intermediate Eagle:

ʺI’ve Got the Power!ʺ | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom B

We’ll focus on putting power into your Lindy Hop while maintaining technique to provide comfort for both the lead and follow. Doing so can create interesting shapes, and a whole new level of texture.

Shaping Your Swing-Out | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom B

Depending on your home scene or where you learned how to ʺSwing-Outʺ can greatly influence and impact the rest of your dancing career. We’ll explore how different regions influenced the dance, which will give you more variations to play with.

Maintaining Momentum | Cindy & Jony | Student Center Ballroom B

Gushy gushy sugar pushy

Who Cares What Foot I’m On? | Cindy & Jony | Student Center Ballroom B

Rhythm variations in swingouts

ADVANCED TRACK (Level check lesson required)

This track is for dancers interested in digging deep into their technique, musicality, and connection. If you feel like you’ve mastered every move in the book but you’re missing the elements of fun and connectedness with partners of any level, then this track is designed for you! Dancers in this track should have a strong understanding of a wide variety of moves and techniques in Lindy Hop and Charleston. There will be an advanced level check in the form of a 40-min lesson before classes on Saturday. To participate in the advanced track,YOU MUST BE ON TIME and demonstrate the necessary skill set of the track as determined by the advanced instructors.

Please Note: Refunds will not be offered to those who do not make Advanced track after the level check lesson.

Weight Change Madness | Kerry & Tim | Jan Dempsey

A.k.a. fancy foundations. Make sure your leading and following skillz are on point. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘simple, but not easy’? Yeah.

Playing on Pattern | Kerry & Tim | Jan Dempsey

A partnered improv class about structure.

The Humanness of it All | Kerry & Tim | Jan Dempsey

This class is dedicated to the lifelong pursuit of being a good partner.

Do You Even Train, Bro? | Kerry & Tim | Jan Dempsey

Drills on drills. The work of being a dancer.


Lesson 1 | 10:00 – 11:00 AM

In It to Win It  | Cindy & Kerry | Jan Dempsey

Come learn some great tips & tricks for dancing your best during competitions, routine performances, jam circles, and more!

Simmer Down!  | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom A

Just because the music slows down, doesn’t mean the energy does as well. We’ll teach you stretching, posture, and rotational techniques to make dancing slow Lindy Hop a more comfortable and expressive dance.

Total Anarchy | Rachel & Tyler | Student Center Ballroom B

Experience the excitement of breaking the rules. We’ll experiment with different ways to role swap and steal partners in one giant social dance.  *Students should already be comfortable dancing in 8 count in their typical role.*

Brothers of Vocabulary Pt. 1 | Jony & Tim | Jan Dempsey

Learn some Killer-Diller solo jazz vocabulary with the intent of using it to make Hot Jammin’ routines that’ll make anyone Hep to the Jive.

Lesson 2 | 11:15 – 12:15 PM

Following for Leader-first-follows | Cindy & Kerry | Jan Dempsey

Relearn connection from a new perspective and adjusting your approach to momentum and movement.

Dean Colins’ Shim Sham | Whitney & Huy |Student Center Ballroom A

Originally a tap routine, Lindy Hoppers removed the tap steps but kept the general structure for the Savoy-Style Shim Sham.  Dean Collins learned the Savoy version in New York, adapted it to his style, and performed his version during his California days.  Dean’s version incorporates his unique syncopation and style that is synonymous with the vernacular at the time.

Jam Circles: Declassified | Rachel & Tyler | Student Center Ballroom B

Intimidated by jam circles? We get that. But we promise, they’re not a scary as they seem! Come learn some of the unspoken rules of participating jam circles and practice sharing the spotlight in a no-stress environment!

Brothers of Vocabulary Pt. 2 | Jony & Tim |Jan Dempsey

More vocabulary For Dancer’s Only, with more detail that will make all Lindy Hopper’s Delight and Jump for Joy

Lesson 3 | 1:30 – 2:30 PM

Leading for Follow-first-Leads Pt. 1 | Jony & Tim | Jan Dempsey

This class will focus on working with dancers that initially or primarily follow but are currently in the process of learning to lead. Content will be focusing on analysis and forethought. Specific nuances of follow-first dancers will be addressed.

School of Floorcraft and Wizardry | Rachel & Tyler | Student Center Ballroom A

Even if you never received your letter from Hogwarts, you can still work magic on the dance floor! Master the art of floorcraft through a series of fun challenges and games.

Attack of the Charleston  | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom B

Join us as we explore 20’s and 30’s Charleston moves and transitions. Don’t worry if you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the dance.  We’ll have something for everyone.

Sister City Solo Routine, Pt 1 | Cindy & Kerry | Jan Dempsey

Learn a short solo routine created by Cindy & Kerry. Some solo jazz knowledge required; prerequisite: Brothers of Vocabulary Parts 1 & 2

Lesson 4 | 2:45 – 3:45 PM

Leading for Follow-first-Leads Pt. 2 | Jony & Tim | Jan Dempsey

This class will cover more mechanics on how to approach dancing as a Lead.  This class is also intended to be technical and mechanical, and is designed to challenge why ideas work.  While this class is geared towards leaders, the information is applicable to all dancers.  Leading for Follow-first-Leads Pt. 1 is required to take this class.

The Evolution of Lindy Hop | Rachel & Tyler | Student Center Ballroom A

Come relax after your full weekend and get inspired by viewing select clips of iconic vintage lindy hoppers. We’ll discuss a little about the history of swing dance and what makes these dancers so unique. Popcorn provided.

How to be a Multi-Level Dancer | Whitney & Huy | Student Center Ballroom B

One of the main struggles that every dancer will face is the ability to dance with others at a vast range of levels. We’ll show you how to guide the dance and listen to your partner as both a leader and a follower to make you a desirable dancer to all levels.

Sister City Solo Routine, Pt 2 | Cindy & Kerry | Jan Dempsey

Learn a short solo routine created by Cindy & Kerry. Prerequisite: Sister City Solo Routine Part 1

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